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Steel String | Ken Miller Guitars

Steel String

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We build guitars in a variety of sizes and shapes, and with a wide variety of tone woods according to the customer's preference. We typically use Adirondack (Red) Spruce for the face and internal bracing, unkerfed linings of Cypress, and Mahogany necks. We make our necks with graphite and/or adjustable truss rod reinforcement, and use Ebony for fingerboards and Brazilian Rosewood for bridges. We use Ivory for nuts and saddles. Bridge pins are of Ivory, Bone, Horn or Wood to complement the aesthetic and sound qualities of each individual instrument. A wide variety of metals, shell, stone and woods are available for inlay work. All of our instruments are equipped with a hardshell case. The base price for our guitars is $6,000. Extra fancy wood and/or additional inlay work is available.