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The Mockingbird

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This Koa jumbo has astonishing balance and tone. It belongs to poet and musician Songmuang "Summer" Greer. He shared this with us about a month after his new guitar was delivered:

"I've been putting as much play on my new guitar as my fingers will take, and it really does sound better every day. It's quite astonishing. This guitar really is the best guitar I've ever played *in every way*, and it's not even a month old. The response, tone quality, and playability are not only excellent but *flexible* as well. I can strum hard without overdriving the top and I can pick lightly or play fingerstyle and still get a full tone at low dynamic levels. This instrument would allow a player with excellent technique to explore unique dynamic and tonal possibilities. I only hope I can keep up with the guitar as it opens up - it certainly inspires me to play. Since we both have connections to the flute, I'll use a flute analogy to describe my perception of the tone I get from this guitar. Flute players and builders try to make flutes resemble a pleasing human voice, but they have the benefit of wind instruments that allow the player to at least hold out and shape a note. Guitars can't do that. Yet this guitar has such a characteristic tone that it sounds like the echo of a voice, which I have no doubt will become more distinct. Now all I have to do is learn what it's telling me."