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Mary Z. Cox on Little Star | Ken Miller Guitars

Mary Z. Cox on Little Star

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If you pick up a guitar and it says, “Take me, I’m yours,” then that’s the one for you.---Frank Zappa
There is a chapter in Philip Toshio Sudo’s, Zen Guitar, called “Pick Up Your Guitar.”
Here is a bit of his advice on choosing the perfect guitar for his Zen method.
# Go into the world and find the instrument that’s waiting for you, the one you are meant to play.
# There’s an instrument for everyone.
# What’s important is that when you pick it up, it makes a sound that’s beautiful to you.
# Avoid poor craftsmanship; it’s a sign of a poor spirit.
# Learn to identify quality and appreciate anything that’s well made, wherever you find it.

Ken Miller certainly didn’t have me in mind for Little Star when he built her with care and spirit,
but even a banjo picker could tell from the first time she held Little Star, that this was a very
special guitar filled with wonder and special tunes.
Ken, I couldn’t be happier with this guitar. Love the ziricote, Spanish cedar, green snail, ivory,
gold and especially the black pearl tuning buttons. I love it that even with the parlour sized body
—it still has a full bodied guitar voice.
I can gently touch a note and it rings out loud and clear — perfect for a student of Zen guitar.
Thanks so much Ken and Virginia for building such a spirited and wonderful guitar pal for me.

Mary Z. Cox