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Phil Anania's Dragon Guitar | Ken Miller Guitars

Phil Anania's Dragon Guitar

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Phil Anania's new guitar is a "D" size guitar with Black Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The face is made of Red Spruce. The binding and lower bout bevel are made of Koa. There is a sound hole port on the upper bout. The peghead dragon inlay was designed by Phil himself and executed in blue/purple/green Paua Abalone, Green Snail, ribbed Green Abalone, and Lapis with engraving by Ken Horne. The shell rosette is engraved with a Haiku poem which was also written by Phil. Ask Phil about his new guitar! :)

Here's what Phil had to say about his guitar on Flatpick-L:

Last year I commissioned Ken Miller to build me a custom dreadnought guitar. I received my guitar on Wednesday and I want to say a public THANK YOU to Ken and Virginia for building me a Masterpiece. My guitar is made of Black Brazilian Rosewood (back and sides), and is from the same set of wood as Old 97 but with out the orange strip. The top is Adirondack Spruce. Virginia did the inlay of a Dragon from a sketch I made. When I made the sketch I never imagined that the details would be recreatable but somehow Virginia was able to far out do my expectations for which I am beyond grateful for. The guitar has a short scale neck which makes medium strings feel like butter and Ken put a small bevel where the right arm rests to make it more comfortable. It is like having a recliner for your picking arm! This is the most comfortable guitar I have ever played and it is also the easiest acoustic guitar I have ever played. Like all of Ken's guitars, it is LOUD! It of course sounds wonderful and has that Ken Miller sound. I am very proud to have it and equally overjoyed to have it. It will provide tough competition for my 1939 Martin D18. I spoke with Ken last night and hopefully he will have some pictures of Dragon up on his web site soon. If you are unfamiliar with Ken's work, check out his web site to see where he will be as he always has a nice array of new ones for sale for perspective buyers to try out. Again, Ken and Virginia, thanks for making my Dragon come true!

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