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Anhinga's Reflection | Ken Miller Guitars

Anhinga's Reflection

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This 000 size guitar was created for Bob Cox of the performing duo of Bob and Mary Cox. It has Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a Red Spruce face. The headstock inlay is an Anhinga that is made from Black Pearl. The Anhinga's reflection is made from Abalone heart. Bob had this to say about his Ken Miller custom guitars: "Mary bought a Ken Miller quilted mahogany dreadnaught for me a couple of years ago. It is far superior to the Martin and Gibson guitars we have had and comparable to the very expensive pre-war Martins owned by a friend who is a collector. The sound is crisp and clear and the volume is exceptional even with light gauge strings. I can easily be heard even playing with several banjos and fiddles! The guitar is very easy to play and frets true up the neck. I couldn't be more pleased.

I have a Martin D-21 from the 60's. This was one of the last made from old growth coastal Brazilian Rosewood and is considered collectable and was valued at $3,000 ten years ago. Ken did extensive work on it for me which made it easier to play and much louder. However my Ken Miller guitar totally blows it away. I have played very expensive pre-war Martins which come close and a variety of other guitars, but have played nothing better IMHO.

It is a beautifully made and tastefully ornamented guitar with spalted magnolia around the sound hole and an Anhinga inlayed on the peg head. The quilted mahogany is very beautiful.

If I ever get another guitar it will be another Ken Miller, probably with a different wood for variety. On the other hand if I never get another guitar it won't matter because I am so pleased with the one I have."