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Heirloom Ukeleles | Ken Miller Guitars

Heirloom Ukeleles

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The Gift For A Lifetime

We use Hawaiian Koa for the back and sides, bridges, peghead and heel cap overlays. We use Ebony for the fingerboards and Brazilian Rosewood for the binding and trim work. We use Adirondack (Red) Spruce for the internal bracing and blocks, and unkerfed cypress lining. We use a bone nut and saddle, and inlays of Green Snail and various types of Abalone and Pearl on the peghead and fingerboard. Individual designs, such as a name plate on the fingerboard or within the peghead inlay.Ivory and/or wood marquetry inlay at the base of the face are available. Our Ukuleles are finished with Oil Varnish and are supplied with your choice of type and style of tuning machines and a hard shell case. Prices start at $750-