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Guitarcimer | Ken Miller Guitars


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A variation of our Acousteel design is our Kevin Roth collaboration which uses the Acousteel body with a Dulcimer bridge and fingerboard. This makes the Dulcimer into a world class concert instrument with a rich, unique sound. Kevin calls it the "Guitarcimer".

Here are some of Kevin's comments about the Guitarcimer:

I've been a professional dulcimer player since 1974. For over 40 years I have collected recorded and performed on wonderful and unique dulcimers made for me . I've traveled and sung everywhere from coffee houses , festivals, concert halls, The White House and everywhere in-between. The full bodied sound of the Guitarcimer that Ken and Virginia made for me has a warmth , depth ,clarity and sweetness beyond any instrument I've ever heard or played. The Guitarcimer takes the sweet simplicity of the dulcimers voice and enlarges it to welcome what at times seems like a chorus of angels around each tone. Visually, it's a pleasure to look into the heart shaped sound hole and know that's not only where the sound comes from but the intention in every song. It truly is a world class concert instrument and I look forward to hearing other players make music on this musical collaboration and vision. Kevin Roth