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Features, Terms, Warranty | Ken Miller Guitars

Features, Terms, Warranty

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Standard Features of Our Instruments

Our instruments are bound - including fingerboards - using wood bindings, purflings and marquetry. Each sound hole rosette on all of our instruments is designed and created one at a time. Though we will use any materials that a customer might desire, we usually use Ebony for fingerboards with stainless steel frets, Brazilian Rosewood for bridges and Red (Adirondack) Spruce for the soundboard and internal bracings. We use unkerffed linings and we prefer to use Ivory for the nut and saddle. Bridge pins and Strap Buttons are made of Ivory, Bone, Horn or Woods, to match the acoustic and aesthetic requirements of each individual instrument. We have a good supply of highest quality tone woods such as Brazilian Rosewood, figured Mahogany, Koa, Walnut, Maple and other beautiful woods for customers to choose from.

Our instruments are very lightly constructed without compromising the structural integrity of the instrument. We build the neck and fingerboard for maximum ease of playability and that, combined with precision setup produces an instrument that is a joy to play.

We do not build “standard models“. Each of our instruments is a unique, handcrafted work of art and sound, custom built for the individual owner. We make a wide variety of sizes and styles of instruments. Though we are inspired by vintage instruments and incorporate many of their best features in our work, we do not build copies or use “45” style Abalone edging. We build acoustic instruments, but pickup installation is an option. We recommend Pick-Up-the-World pickup systems.

Guitar Pricing 2014

Our basic guitar will have regular Koa, Mahogany or Walnut back and sides, Adirondack (Red) Spruce soundboard and bracing. Ebony fingerboard with stainless steel frets, Brazilian Rosewood bridge, wood bindings and marquetry. Simple inlay on the peghead and at the 12th fret of the fingerboard. Bryan England handmade bridge and strap pins. Nickel Grover tuners and a Cedar Creek custom hardshell case.

Basic Guitar - we are not currently accepting orders.


Fancy Woods:
Maple + up to $500
Mahogany + up to $500
Quilted Mahogany from “The Tree” + $4000 - $6000
Walnut + up to $500
Koa + $300 - $1000
Brazilian Rosewood + $2000 - $6000
“Lucky 12” Sitka Spruce Soundboard + $500
“Bear Claw” Adirondack Spruce Soundboard + $600
Full coverage “Bear Claw” Sitka Spruce Soundboard + $300

Cut Away + $800
Sound Port + $200
Armrest/Beveled Edge + $800
Shell Rosette + $150
Ivory Bridge Pin & Strap Pin set + $250
Stainless Steel Fret wire - now standard
Pick-Up-the-World sound system + $285
Other systems - at cost

Gold Grover or Schaller + $50
Waverly Tuners - at cost
Wood buttons to match the back & sides + $100
Calton, Pegasus, Ameritage, etc cases - at cost

Extra Inlay Work, Engraving or Carving, and other exotic or local
woods are available for your specific dreams, please ask.

Procedures & Terms

Work on Custom instruments will be started upon receipt of a 50% Non-refundable deposit. The balance will be due upon completion.

Any in-stock instrument may be reserved for 30 days with a 10% Non-refundable deposit. The instrument will be shipped upon receipt of the balance.

In-stock instruments may be shipped for a 7 day approval upon receipt of the purchase price. If the customer decides not to purchase the instrument the money will be refunded (minus shipping costs) when the instrument is returned in its original condition.


Our instruments are guaranteed to be free of structural or material defects, to the original purchaser. If problems arise which we deem to be our responsibility we will correct them. We expect the owners of our instruments to maintain them with regular service and a friendly environment. Evidence of abuse or neglect may void the warranty.