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Doug Randall on "Old 97" | Ken Miller Guitars

Doug Randall on "Old 97"

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"Seeing Phil Anania's glowing account of his new Ken and Virginia Miller creation -- #108 : Dragon -- I am moved to report on its sibling, Old 97, which I have had in hand for the past 14 or 15 months.

And that's where it has been -- literally -- for most of those months: in my hands being played and played and played, and then played some more.

It has become my guitar of choice when playing out, and it never fails to garner multiple compliments on its tone and power, some of which (quite accurately) note how truly fine the guitar must be to shine through the hum-drum picking being applied to it by its current custodian. (The preceding was a "McGaughy Moment", an inside, inside joke.)

Since I have a couple of fine alternatives from which to choose, I keep coming back to Old 97 because I really like the way it plays and the way it sounds. It has also become my in-house cure for GAS. Whenever I get to thinking about maybe purchasing another, I just pick up Old 97 and realize how futile it would be to try to find something better.

There are so many great guitar makers (not to mention makers of great guitars) who frequent this list, and I am incredibly pleased and proud to have one of Ken and Virginia's finest right here.

Phil, if your Dragon 108 is anything like Old 97 -- and I'm confident that it will not be lacking in that old Miller Magic -- you've got a real winner on your hands. Pick it in good health."