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Allen Shadd on The White Mountain Guitar | Ken Miller Guitars

Allen Shadd on The White Mountain Guitar

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"I have to say here that I played Old 97 before it went to it's home, and it was the best sounding dread that Ken and Virginia had built to date, with mine being a close second. If your guitar is of the same stock as that one, it should be a fine sounding guitar.

Mine is Brazilian, but of different stock than those two. In the past two months this guitar has started to really open up. It doesn't have the big boomy Martin sound that a lot of folks seem to be going for these days, while it does have great balance and plenty of bottom end. But it has the drier woody tone that simulates the vintage stuff closer to my ears. It mics well because of that character, imo. While I have always enjoyed playing this guitar, in the last couple of months it has just gotten so much stronger, and I have some pretty strong stuff around at times to compare it to, and it holds it's own very well."